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Impress Your Long-Distance Lover On Their First Visit

Meeting new friends and new romantic partners online is a common occurrence nowadays. Whether romance is hard to come by in your region or you just wish to find a person you are compatible with no matter the distance, you can find yourself in a long-distance romance. After creating a connection online, the two of you will likely meet in person. If you wish to pull out all of the stops, here are some ways to make the best possible first impression.

Pay for their transportation

If your significant other will come and visit you from a long distance, it is a good gesture to pay for their ticket. Whether they choose to take the train, long distance bus, or plane, offer to pay for at least half of the fare. If the fare is affordable to you, make the reservation for them. This can also expedite the process of meeting your significant other.

Arrange airport transportation

Airports are hectic places. Arrange airport transportation for your significant other so that they can get in and out of the airport without much wait time. If you would prefer to meet at the airport, hire a cab of your choosing to take you to the airport and you wait for their arrival. If you plan to meet in another place, have the driver wait inside the airport with a sign and let your partner know to look for them. Taxis often have more leeway when it comes to airport parking and wait time, while personal vehicles can be restricted from stopping and waiting aside from parking areas. If possible for your budget, go fancy and hire a black car.

Offer them a room of their own

If your partner does not feel comfortable staying at your home on the first day or first meeting, pay for a hotel near your home. Even if they say that they are comfortable staying with you, let them know that you will put them up at a hotel if they would like. Respecting boundaries and taking things slowly can ease anxieties and increase your likability. Have their favorite candies, foods, or other gifts waiting for them in the room as an extra surprise.

Go to romantic, but public, areas

For everyone's safety, it is best to meet a new person in public a few times. Schedule romantic dinners at popular restaurants and attend theaters during times of high traffic. Getting to know one another can happen in public spaces and will make sure you are both on the same page before beginning private meetings.