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Renting Office Space In An Older Building Could Be A Mistake

Renting office space in an older building nay seem like the best way to save a lot of money on your overhead costs. You may have found a smaller space in an older building that is leasing for a lot less than one in a newer, more modern building. However, before you decide to rent space in an older building, consider these facts.

Do You Know The Different Classes Of Office Space?

Your cost of rent in any building, whether new or old, can be based on the class it falls in. If you choose an older building, you may be looking at a class B or C property. If you go with a newer building that offers modern amenities, you are more than likely renting class A space. While rent is usually cheaper in class B and C buildings, you might think about why it is lower. The downside to renting class B and C office spaces is that you lose out on some of the amenities that could help you attract more clients. Class B and C office space generally do not offer these kinds of amenities:

  • Updated HVAC systems: You certainly do not want your clients to wait in an office that is too warm or too cold.
  • Older elevators: If a client is frightened by a jumpy elevator, you may end up losing that client to someone in a building with newer elevators.
  • Pests: Many older buildings are home to mice and bugs. Imagine your client seeing a mouse run across the waiting room and how that would make you seem as a professional.

Location Matters A Lot To Your Profits

The older building and office space you might be considering may also be in a location that is higher in crime or less populated with other types of professionals. If someone is worried about being mugged on the sidewalk in front of your building, chances are you will not see as many clients as you would in a better neighborhood. Before you rent in an older building, be sure to have a close look at the area around it and learn more about the crime rate as well.

Your office space determines a great deal about how successful you end up being after renting it. Before you start choosing office furniture and other decorative items, remember to be scrupulous about the offices you are renting. Check out the neighboring tenants and find out more about them. Always keep in mind you will have clients visiting you, and their first impression of you matters. That impression is hugely determined by the look and feel of your office.

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