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What Items Can You Take From Your Hotel Room?

One of the perils of running a hotel, like Capri Motor Inn Smithers Hotel, is the number of items that guests take from their rooms, a major expense that cuts into the profits. You may not even realize that what you are stowing in your suitcase is forbidden fruit. In reality, your hotel expects you to take certain things home with you. Their main focus is your comfort. You just need to know what is acceptable and what is not.


If you have any doubt about whether something is complimentary, simply call down to the front desk and ask. The staff expects you to take certain items with you if you wish. For instance, the shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, etc. that is in the bathroom during your stay is yours. Once it has been opened, the hotel has no use for it anyway. Also, any unopened bottles are also okay to take, since they are placed there for you to use or not as you desire. Many people take these samples and use them at home or in the guest bathroom. You can actually do more with them, however. Homeless shelters and women's shelters are glad to accept these toiletries for their residents. You can even contribute them to the troops overseas.

Other items, such as stationary, pens, and pencils are also fine to take. At many places, you can ask for toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other items that your forgot. In most places, these items are also complimentary. Remember, if you are in doubt, ask to avoid being a bad guest. 

Borderline Items

In some higher end hotels, the bathrobes may be included with the room, but you can be sure that they are not in mid-range establishments. They are simply too pricey to give away. Stuffing one in your suitcase is theft. Of course, the hotel may just charge you for the bathrobe, which is certainly their right. Snacks, tea, and coffee are probably borderline items as well. Although the hotel may not mind you taking a packet or two, cleaning out the entire treat basket is tacky if not actually theft. 

Forbidden Items

Sheets, towels, comforters, pictures, furniture: These items are never okay to take. Some people approach a hotel stay like an all-you-can-steal buffet. If you see something you just cannot live without, try visiting the gift shop. They almost always sell their most popular items so that you can take some of the luxury home with you. 

Hotel owners are known for their generosity to their guests. Most are happy to provide you with a number of free items to enhance your visit. Do not abuse their hospitality by becoming a thief.