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How To Keep Your Beachside Cottage Cool Without A/C This Summer

Beachside cottages are a great place to spend time simply relaxing over the long months of summer. Whether you're reading in a hammock, lying on the beach, or drinking margaritas on your porch, your beachside cottage is a wonderful place to enjoy the sound of the waves. Of course, summer beaches are known for their high temperatures and intense sunlight. If you're spending time in a beachside cottage this summer, knowing how to keep the home cool can help you enjoy yourself more fully.

Keep Out the Sun

The sun can dramatically influence the temperature of your beachside residence. When shining in directly, the summer sun can heat up the inside of your home very quickly. You can protect your beach home by shading windows from sunlight. Since the sun changes positions in the sky as the day progresses, it's important to close and open shades strategically, to keep the direct sunlight from shining in your home.

Some windows may get more intense sun exposure than others. For windows that always seem to face into the sunlight (like windows with a southern exposure), try hanging a shade outside the house rather than inside, to prevent the heat from coming through the windows at all.

Shade Your Patio

If your beachside cottage has a patio, keep the patio cool by installing roll-down shades. This will allow you to roll down the shades and protect the patio from direct sunlight when it's very warm outside, and roll up the shades to let in breezes when the wind picks up on the ocean.

Cook Outside

Cooking inside can generate a lot of heat that can warm your kitchen and all the rooms around it. Cooking outside on a grill can help keep the kitchen cool. Additionally, grilling outside is a great summer-at-the-beach tradition that's often more fun than cooking indoors.

Keep the Lights Off

When turned on, light bulbs can contribute significantly to the heat a room. Keep light bulbs off during the day and limit their use at night. To keep your beach house lit enough to see, try using LED holiday lights, which produce much less heat than incandescent lights (while also contributing to a fun atmosphere in your cottage!).

Blow Ceiling Fan the Right Way

Blow the ceiling fan clockwise during the day to create a cooling downward breeze in the room. At night, reverse the direction to keep the air rotating in the room and suck cool nighttime air in through the windows.

Following these tips, you should be able to stay more comfortable throughout the summer at your beachside cottage. Good luck, and have fun!

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